Cuisinart Hand Blender – Does This Immersion Blender Deliver?

Cuisinart Hand Blender

In our Cuisinart Hand Blender review we find that everyone loves this immersion blender right after they buy it, but after a few months, we found reports of it breaking.

It looks like this is another case of you get what you pay for with blenders. At under $30 the Cuisinart hand blender looks like a great buy. You have the Cuisinart name, which carries some weight in terms of quality, and you have some really glowing 5 star customer reviews. The problem with most of these reviews is that these owners have just bought their units, or had them for just a couple of weeks. If you look a little deeper, you can see all of the negative reviews are from owners who’ve had their Cuisinarts for several months or longer. (10% of all reviews for this hand blender are 1 or 2 stars.) This is when you start seeing reports of break downs and engine failures. This is one of best smoothie blender on the market.

Cuisinart Hand Blender
Cuisinart Hand Blender

The bottom line is that if you want a disposable immersion blender for under $30 then that’s what you get here, with an emphasis on the disposable. Cuisinart offers a 3 year warranty on this product, but you generally get stuck with shipping costs which can run up to $20 or so. It’s probably not worth your time and money to try and replace a $30 hand blender, so really why bother? Why not just pay a little more and get a higher quality model that will last more than just a few months?

Despite a 4.5 star consumer rating, we don’t recommend the Cuisinart hand blender Smart Stick CSB 76 at this time. Maybe Cuisinart can improve its durability with a newer model and we can take a look at it again in the future.


The Good

  • Easy to clean – the stainless steel blending shaft comes off and is dishwasher safe. The motor stick wipes down easily.
  • Good power output – at 200 watts this is a powerful hand blender
  • Stable – you can hold it easily in your hand without it jumping around
  • Precise control – there is one control button
  • Inexpensive – we could say cheap here, which would be a negative, but certainly applies


The Bad

  • Low Quality – at $30 you can’t really expect a whole lot, but it should last longer than just a few months.
  • Poor Durability – reports of product breakages after just a short time of usage



The Cuisinart Hand Blender comes in the following models:

Average Consumer Rating
Number of Reviews
Smart Stick – CSB-76
Smart Stick – CSB-77
Smart Stick Plus – CSB-78
Quick Prep – CSB-33


The CSB 76 is the basic Cuisinart hand blender model and is the most popular and is the subject of this review. The CSB 77 offers the same power and operation as the CSB 76, but also comes with whisk and chopper attachments, a 16 oz mixing or measuring beaker, and a recipe book. The CSB 76 costs around $50. The CSB 78 is a cordless rechargeable model (all the other models have cords). It has the same whisk and chopper attachments and beaker as the CSB 77 model, and retails for about $80. The CSB 33 is scaled down slightly from the CSB 76, with a slightly weaker motor, but it has 2 speed controls. It has an 18 month warranty and retails for about $30.



The Cuisinart hand blender model Smart Stick CSB 76 features a powerful 200 watt motor with an easy to use one touch control button. The grip is ergonomically designed so that you can move it around with one hand easily in pots and pans for quick blending. The blending stainless steel shaft has a protective splatter guard and is dishwasher safe. The unit comes with a 22 cup plastic beaker that is also dishwasher safe. The Smart Stick has a 3 year warranty, which is fantastic for hand blenders.


Features Table

Price $25.00 – $30.00
Capacity NA
Number of Speeds 1
Jar Material NA
Power 200 watts
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Dimensions Height: 3.3 inches, Length: 14″, Depth:3.3″
Weight 2.4 pounds
Warranty 3 years
Colors White, brushed chrome
Ice Crusher No
Pulse Function No
Digital Display No
Preprogrammed Settings No
Timer No
Food Processor Attachments No
Included Recipes No
Cord Storage No



Consumer Reviews Summary

Summary of the most helpful positive reviews:
Owners like how sharp the blades are in the Cuisinart stick blender, and they like the strong, stainless steel shaft. They also like that you can put everything in the dishwasher. There were also several comments about how powerful the unit is. Owners like the brushed chrome color and the steel blending shaft. Everyone who just bought this blender felt that was great buy for $30 USD.


Summary of the most helpful negative reviews:
Most problems cropped up at around 3-6 months. Owners talk about plastic parts built in the unit that start to break and grind and the whole thing just dies. The warranty covers this, but you’ll have to pay for shipping in most cases. 1 and 2 star customer reviews represent just over 10% of total reviews for this product, which in our opinion is rather high. Also most of the poor reviews talked about the unit breaking.


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